Want to learn better? Start mind mapping

As a lifelong learner with 4 degrees and a Ph.D. in mathematics, Hazel Wagner has spent her life learning how to learn. Hazel shares her work on mind mapping and what it can do for understanding, memorization, and retention. Hazel Wagner, Ph.D., MBA, CMC is a lifelong learner.

The Desire to Learn

Amy discusses how having the Desire to Learn, will lead to success in all areas of life. Attaining academic goals require having the desire to succeed. Learn something new today, and keep doing it!

How to Learn: Pretty Much Anything

0:21 Chapter 1 – Procrastination

2:17 Chapter 2 – How to remember what you have learned

4:27 Chapter 3 – Even with everyone’s help, you need to do everything on your own.

6:06 Chapter 4 – It gets tough, and that’s how it gets easier

7:38 Chapter 5 – You still have to do a lot of studying

9:28 Chapter 6 – Everything is about the process